Who's Who



Mrs S Hayward


Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Poole


KS2 Co-ordinator Mr S Howe


Pippin Class - Reception/Year 1

Early Years Co-ordinator

Miss J Watson 


Galaxy Gala Class - Years 1/2

KS1 Co-ordinator


Miss R Smith




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Bramley Class - Years 3/4

Mr A Poole

See above

Crispin Class  - Years 4/5

Mr S Howe

See above

Russet Class - Year 6

Mrs A Christie/

Mrs C Williams


School Administrative Officer

Mrs C Watson


Part-time Teachers


Mrs G Hitchell/

Mrs K Lindfield/
Mrs R Perry



Special Needs Co-Ordinator

Mrs R Leeves


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School Direct Students Mrs C Moss



Miss R Everest


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Learning Support Assistants

Miss N Catterwell


Mr A Richardson


Mrs C Gracey


Mrs N Walker


Mrs A Hitching


Mrs H Hadley


School Admin Assistant Mrs L McDougall


Midday Meal Supervisor Mrs N Dowling



Midday Meal Supervisor


Miss H Henfrey


Midday Meal Supervisor Mrs Z Taylor



Mr M Steibelt


Relief Caretaker Mr B Straw



Areas of Responsibility 



Area of Responsibility

Miss J Watson Early Years

Mrs K Lindfield 

Design Technology

Mr A Poole


Mr S Howe

Computing, Literacy and Assessment

Mrs C Williams


Mrs A Christie

Literacy, PSHE

Mrs G Hitchell

Music and Literacy

Mrs B Leeves

SENCO, Gifted & Talented

Mrs S Hayward Maths
Miss J Watson History and Geography
Mrs K Lindfield Primary Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C Moss Art