About our School

Speldhurst Church of England Primary School is in a village three miles from Tunbridge Wells in Kent. The school, which was founded in 1859, is proud of its traditions and links with the church and local community. The school became Voluntary Aided in September 2004.


The school is known for its community atmosphere and is keen to preserve and strengthen the Christian Vision, "Growing into all God wants us to be", which permeates through the whole school. The school adopts a child-centred approach to pupils' learning. The staff forms a cohesive and supportive team who build on the individual strengths of children in order to raise self-esteem and make children feel valued.


The school currently has 210 on roll in 7 classes. There are 7 teachers, 10 teaching assistants, a SEN Co-ordinator and a school counsellor as well as specialist music and sports teachers. The children who attend the school are drawn from the immediate village and surrounding areas.


The school is open 5 days a week during termtime, Monday to Friday, 8.40 am to 3.15 pm. 


Information on this website can be provided as a paper copy, where appropriate, free of charge, via the school office.