Arts Week - 11th-15th February 2013

Due to the generous funding of the school's PTA, we have enjoyed a fabulous festival of creative arts this week ... 

Friday - Hindu Spring Festival of Holi

 Mrs Hayward started the day with our Act of Worship and Celebration Assembly explaining that Holi is a very colourful celebration when often coloured powder is thrown as a symbol of respect. We obviously didn't do that but we did enjoy creating our own colourful rangoli pictures and hearing stories and learning dance from India.

Thursday - Valentine's Day


The day started with each teacher sharing one of their favourite poems with each class.  There was a mixture of poets chosen so the children could enjoy different styles of poetry.  The day then followed with producing portraits of someone they love; either someone in their family or themselves.  Some new styles have been investigated including pop art in Crispin and Russet.

Wednesday - Ash Wednesday


Reverend Wren led our Act of Worship today and explained the meaning of Ash Wednesday. Fo Christians, ashes are a symbol of being sorry for things they have done wrong and want to get rid of forever and that marking on the forehead with ash marks the commitment to Jesus Christ and God. They wanted to show God that they were sorry for the wrong things they had done in the past year.


We have looked at tesselation patterns and have created our own black and white designs.

Tuesday - Mardi Gras

Dancing and music were the main activities for today.  In our class groups we spent time learning dance steps

that might be seen at a Mardi Gras Carnival.  The music session followed the same theme, learning rhythms that might be heard at a Brazilian Carnival using drums and some classes learning songs from Brazil.  It was terrific fun.

Monday - Chinese New Year

We have worked in cross-class groups and have been involved in so many different activities: making chinese dragons; making chinese food; writing in chinese; decorating lucky money envelopes; creating chinese style music; creating our own dragon designs.

"I liked making the dragons' heads"; "My favourite activity was colouring in the dragon";

"I learnt how to write in Chinese!"; "I loved doing the mosaic."