KS2 Evacuation Day - 5th November 2012

The children in KS2 came to school dressed as if they were from the 1940s. They had packed their belongings into a small suitcase, were carrying their gas masks in boxes and their Identity Cards safely in their pockets all ready to be evacuated!


The children were lined up on the playground with their siblings and they set off on their journey. After a walk around the village, their evacuation destination was known - St Mary's Church! There they were `billeted' and put into small groups where they heard what life was like during World War II from those who had had first hand experience - local residents and grandparents. The stories told were fascinating and the children sat enthralled listening to the tales.

After eating their war time packed lunch the children made their way back to school having learnt a great deal from the experiences shared by our guests.