KS2 Overnight Camp - 20th June 2013

Team work was order of the day as KS2 learnt how to set up camp as part of their `on safari experience'. School uniform was replaced with safari gear as they arrived laden with overnight wear and provisions. The experience got underway as they set up their tents ready for a night under canvas. Having set up their beds for the night, they worked in groups and experienced cooking around a camp stove; using compasses to locate sites around the village; african dancing and drumming and Mrs Williams shared artefacts from her time living out in Tanzania.


The children returned to school in the evening for a barbeque supper, songs around the camp fire and then retired to their tents for a good night's sleep!


Following breakfast, parents arrived to pop the children home to freshen up and on their return the camp was taken down. Special thanks to all the parents who provided tents and helped to set them up/take them down; to Mr Gillinder from Langton Green School who provided the camp stove and led that activity and special thanks to all the staff who gave up their own time to stay overnight and allow the children to have such a wonderful experience.