Pupil Voice and School Council

Our School Vision

"Growing into all God wants us to be"


Everyone in our school community is on an accompanied journey of growth and discovery. God lights the path ahead of us and helps us with every step. “This encourages us to be part of better things and know that God is supporting us every step of the way”. Amelie Y5


Education is a relational activity and since relationships are crucial to Christianity it is highly appropriate that we at Speldhurst School see our vision in terms of an accompanied journey of growth and discovery that is ongoing and life giving.


Psalm 119:105 underpins our vision: Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

Pupil Voice

At Speldhurst School, we place great importance on children taking responsibility for their own journey towards what God wants us to be.  As such, we value ideas and input from pupils on a range of important issues to make the school environment more stimulating, safe and enjoyable for all.  Listening to the "pupil voice" is therefore a priority for each class as well as at a whole school level.  Pupils can share their ideas and views through the School Council and by responding to questionnaires at various points throughout the year. 

School Council

The School Council is an important part of pupil voice.  It is made up of two representatives from each class who are elected by their peers.  School Council meetings are held regularly throughout the school year and are chaired by Mr Howe.  The aim of the School Council is to enable pupils to have a say in their education and school life and to make a positive contribution to their school environment.  Issues discussed include: 

  • Purchasing school resources for play times
  • Ideas for school dinners 
  • Ways of improving pupil well-being in school

Here are our current School Councillors. 


Sebastian B
Galaxy Gala
Frankie M
Galaxy Gala
Amy W
Benedict PBramley
Josefine IEmpire
Hector DEmpire
Evie M
Samuel B
Seren F
Blake M