Welcome to the Speldhurst CE Primary School website. We are a flourishing Church of England school at the heart of a thriving village community. As you enter our school, we hope that you will feel welcomed by the friendly working atmosphere that has been created by our staff and children. We are blessed with an excellent team of teachers and teaching assistants together with a very effective Governing Body that make education here a really enjoyable experience.


We provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment in which children feel valued and supported. In addition to a broad and balanced academic curriculum, we promote high standards of behaviour and encourage children to be both independent and responsible. Education is a partnership between home and school and there are many opportunities for parents to make a significant contribution to the life of our school.


The Vision of the School


"Growing into all God wants us to be"


Everyone in our school community is on an accompanied journey of growth and discovery. God lights the path ahead of us and helps us with every step. “This encourages us to be part of better things and know that God is supporting us every step of the way”. Amelie Y5


Education is a relational activity and since relationships are crucial to Christianity it is highly appropriate that we at Speldhurst School see our vision in terms of an accompanied journey of growth and discovery that is ongoing and life giving.


Psalm 119:105 underpins our vision: Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.


The journey involves both a long-term view and also determined small steps to get there. Community is at the heart of the school. Success will look different for each person and involves every aspect of our humanity. Everyone is flourishing.


Here is Amelie’s take on it; she was in Year 5 when she wrote:

'Growing into all God wants us to be'

These words mean to me that God wants us to be all of our Christian qualities and more, even though I don't go to church these words still have a great meaning in my head and most importantly, my heart. I really believe that by giving us these precious words Speldhurst can help us grow into someone God can be proud of, not only God but I think that we can be proud of too.  I believe that by supporting us in whatever we do or accomplish we can become more confident about a relationship with God.  I also think that God doesn't mind what we become as long as we still follow the Christian values. This encourages us to be part of better things and know that God is supporting us every step of the way.


Our aim is always to thrive and excel as a Church of England school of high standing, providing an environment in which all members of our school community can grow into all God wants us to be. 


Our prospectus is available through the website, but if you have any queries, please contact the school office.


Mrs S Hayward