KS2 Anglo Saxon Day - 2nd June 2015

What an exciting start to Term 6! KS2 were taken back in time to the Anglo Saxon days around 800AD thanks to a visit from `History off the Page'.  They became villagers and were able to choose from a range of different tasks to complete - including weaving, amulet making, illumination, sewing and rune making, preparing ink, making candle pot, preparing for battle and also visiting the `wise woman' for medicinal remedies to various ailments!


Throughout the morning the children were given facts about what life was like in Anglo Saxon England and in the afternoon they became archaeologists and discovered for themselves artefacts from that era.  Each group had to deduce from their `dig' where their objects might have been found - the dig sites included a rune makers, a bee keepers, a kitchen, a grave yard and a wise woman's. Finally, Simon - our expert for the day - showed the children how metal was melted down and poured into moulds to be used for many different purposes.


See the children enjoying their experience ...