Curriculum Information


At Speldhurst School, the pupils and teachers follow the National Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, Music, Design Technology and Physical Education. More detailed information can be found by following this link to the Department for Education.  

The school curriculum also includes Religious Education, Personal, Social, Health Education and Relationships and Sex Education.  Pupils in Reception class follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum.


The work in each class is planned around a series of termly topics - our Creative Curriculum.  These topics are organised so that as many areas of the curriculum as possible are included.  Research has shown that children learn best when subjects are interlinked rather than being taught discreetly.  


Pupils are encouraged to work independently, collaboratively in groups or as a whole class according to the tasks in which they are involved.


Children’s progress through the National Curriculum levels is assessed throughout the year and we also use standardised tests to monitor progress in Key Stage 2. The pupils in Years 2 and 6 take part in the national Standard Assessment Tests. The Foundation Stage Profile is completed at the end of the Reception year.



Teaching of Reading


Initial teaching starts in Pippin Class and is taught through the synthetic phonics approach promoted by Supersonic Phonic Friends. Children are taught letter sounds, how to blend them together to read and how to segment words into their individual sounds to spell. Correct letter formation is taught from the start of the programme. This programme continues through KS1. Pupils will work in small groups led by an adult each day. As they progress, children will revisit all letters and sounds taught to consolidate their learning. Children will be given reading books from the Big Cat Phonics reading scheme to share with parents at home.  These books align with our new phonics scheme to provide opportunity for children to practise the sounds they have learnt in school.  



Acts of Worship


Being a Church of England school, we hold regular Acts of Worship.  The plans for the current topic being followed in our Acts of Worship can be be found by following this link.



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