Science in School - January 2015

We have been lucky enough to enjoy two different science activities this month.  Firstly, each class was visited by Andrew Berry, a specialist science educator who involved everyone in different experiments including launching rockets and testing friction.


Then the whole school enjoyed a Kinetic Science Theatre production - The Bunsen Towers Mystery.  The story begins 'on the day of the village fête, the occupants of Bunsen Towers are thrown under suspicion when Lydia Bunsen’s diamond disappears!  The question is: Whodunnit??  Enter that famous detective, Monsieur Heckled Parrot, to solve the problem….. along with help from the audience of course. Together they apply a knowledge of solids, liquids and gases, materials, mixtures and their separation, to solve The Bunsen Towers Mystery.'


Two great activities that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Science Day with Andrew Berry

The Bunsen Towers Mystery