Welcome to Jazz!


Class Teacher - Mr Howe

Teaching Assistant - Mrs H Hadley

School Year 2019-2020

Choosing time activities

In Jazz, we often 'get busy' with a variety of choosing time activities. Below are some of the activities which we often choose to do.


​Our Igloo role play area

Our sandpit

Our mud kitchen​

Our water tray

Playing with the cars

Arts and crafts 

Building our own Marble Run 

Frozen Planet Stunning Start

Our topic this term is Frozen Planet and we have had a brrr-illiant Stunning Start. We learnt how igloos are made and then had a go at making our own. We found lots of sea creatures living beneath the icy water such as a seals and penguins and we looked closely at icebergs. We found out that you only see a very small proportion of the iceberg in the water as most of it floats beneath the sea. We also made our own snowflakes, igloos and icebergs using blocks, magnetic polydron and lego. We also made our own mini-Antarctica complete with penguins and snow! ​